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Ontario Dog Bite Laws – When your best friend is in the doghouse

Dogs really are a person’s best friend. They’re always there for us, whether we need protection or just a snuggle. But dog owners have a responsibility to their pets and to their community. Even the most lovable pets can become cranky, due to factors such as stress, illness or age. Dog owners should be aware…Continue Reading

Leaving a Peaceful Legacy – Dealing with a Contested Will in Ontario

While the expression goes, “there’s one in every family”, the divisive nature of a family conflict over a will or estate can result in some members alienating themselves out of hurt or anger. Some may refuse to participate in the process of settling a will or estate, and others still may fail to communicate their…Continue Reading

Football and hockey helmets – Protecting your kids from head injuries and concussions this fall

Protect your kids with proper equipment to prevent brain injury while engaging in contact sports. Fall in Ontario is the time of year when our kids put away their swim trunks and begin to participate in contact sports like football and hockey.

Slips, trips and falls- Preventing personal injury on your property this autumn

Chances are the arrival of cooler weather means you’re already paying closer attention to the exterior of your house.  This is the time  of year when any outdoor repairs you may have been putting off become a priority in order to prepare for the  winter. When you are a homeowner, cleaning up, clearing the clutter…Continue Reading

How new lawyers can discover balance and opportunity in rural Ontario

Mark Baker’s recent blog post, “If you build it they will come” takes a close look at some of the obstacles small firms face in trying to attract young lawyers to work in rural communities. This post inspired a conversation between Mark Baker, a partner with Ferguson Barristers since 2007,  and Rachel Leck, the youngest…Continue Reading