Civil Litigation

If you have a dispute with another person or company, Ferguson Barristers LLP can help. In addition to our Personal Injury practice, our firm has extensive experience in the following areas of civil litigation:

Ontario Civil Litigation Lawyer Trial Expertise

Insurance claims – Property

If your home or personal property has been damaged, you may be entitled to make a claim for coverage against your home insurer. Our lawyers will evaluate your insurance policy to determine what compensation you may be owed, and we will assist you to ensure you receive your maximum entitlements under your policy.


Have you been fired, let go, discharged or dismissed from your job? Our expertise in employment litigation means we are well positioned to explain the options available to you if you have been wrongfully terminated from your place of employment. We can provide information about your rights as an employee in Ontario, your employer’s rights if the company is operating in Ontario, as well as any recourse you may have against a former employer for a wrongful or constructive dismissal charge.

Real estate

If you have recently purchased or tried to purchase a home in Ontario, you may have experienced any number of problems with your real estate purchase. Because of their size, real estate purchases and sales can often cause severe financial hardship or loss.

An Agreement to Purchase is a legally binding contract. Both parties are required to meet the obligations of that contract. If they don’t, you can call us to find out what your rights are, how to get help, and all of the options available to you if you happen to run into problems.

Wills and Estate

When a loved one loses capacity to manage her or his affairs, or passes away, families may be left dealing with a variety of unfamiliar and complex estate matters, in addition to facing the difficult emotions that accompany this change in life.

We’re experts at litigation for wills and estates. We can analyze the estate issues, manage family dynamics, negotiate a fair and agreeable solution, and resolve any lasting conflicts or disputes that may arise during the process of settling a loved one’s estate or last testament.

We have experience in interpreting and challenging a will, if necessary; answering questions regarding Powers of Attorney or personal capacity and care;  contesting estate litigation proceedings; answering questions regarding the responsibilities and obligations of an estate executor or trustee; and making claims against estates or the executors and trustees of these estates.

We can help protect your rights under Ontario’s wills, estates and succession laws, and ensure the proceedings follow current provincial legislation.

Product Liability

Manufacturers and merchants are responsible for the quality and safety of the products they make and sell. If you have purchased a defective product, our lawyers can assist you in recovering damages and compensation, even if the manufacturer is not a Canadian company.

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