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Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a personal injury, Ferguson Barristers LLP can help you recover damages and compensation that may be owed to you. Our firm has years of experience assisting clients with personal injury claims in the following areas:

Many personal injury victims have questions about compensation, especially what’s fair and reasonable under the circumstances. If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, we can tell you how long you have to file a claim, walk you through the process, and make sure you receive the financial support you need to continue living a healthy, productive life.

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Motor Vehicle Accident

Many of our clients have come to us looking for help after suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents include car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, recreational vehicle accidents such as ATVs, pedestrian or bike accidents, and accidents involving public transit or transportation vehicles.

Since it can be a challenging and scary time, we can answer any questions you may have about lawsuits, damages or compensation for loss of income or pain and suffering; your rights as a licensed driver in Ontario; and the litigation, arbitration or settlement processes specific to motor vehicle accident claims. Find out more about car accident claims


Ontario has a statutory accident benefits scheme and every Ontario resident injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to certain benefits. The statutory scheme is very complex and our lawyers will help walk you through the necessary Statutory Accident Benefit Applications and help make sure you get the maximum benefits and settlement possible.

Your accident benefits are calculated based on a number of factors, including the severity of your injuries, your pre-accident income, and any extra accident benefits you may qualify for. If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision or other type of motor vehicle accident (MVA), you must apply for accident benefits before you can sue the responsible driver for damages.

Accident Benefits and Tort Claims

In addition to the benefits available to you through the provincial Statutory Accident Benefits scheme, you have the right to sue the driver and vehicle owners responsible for your accident. This type of claim may help you recover any damages that aren’t covered by the statutory scheme. Typically, the at-fault driver and/or owner of the vehicle will have their insurance company respond to this type of claim. Our lawyers have years of experience dealing with these types of claims, so that you can be assured of the most favourable outcome possible. Know your rights

Slip/trip and fall

Property owners and property occupiers are responsible for keeping their property or premises safe for users. If they have failed to maintain a property or premises and you are injured, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injury from the property owner or occupier. Property owners often have insurance that victims can access to gain financial compensation and help them manage the short-term and long-term effects of their injuries. Our firm has helped many clients recover damages from municipalities, companies and a variety of property owners whose negligence has resulted in personal injury. If you are injured in a slip/trip and fall or other incident, we can help you. Contact us

Assault and battery

Our lawyers have assisted people injured in assaults of a various types, including sports violence, bar fights, domestic violence and sexual assault. We understand that a physical attack on your person can leave you with physical and emotional scars and we are committed to dealing with your matter with sensitivity and care to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.  How we can help

Product liability

Manufacturers and merchants are responsible for the quality and safety of the products they make and sell. If you have purchased a defective product that has resulted in injury, our lawyers can assist you in recovering damages and compensation, even if the manufacturer is not a Canadian company.

Short- and long-term disability

If you are covered by a short- and long-term disability insurance policy, and you have been injured, you may require some assistance in recovering the maximum benefits under your policy. We regularly deal with a variety of insurance companies and can help you get the assistance you’ve been promised under your insurance policy.

Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can involve one or more of the body’s 33 vertebrae that make up your spinal column. Injuries range in severity from a complete injury, when the spinal cord has been fully severed, to incomplete spinal cord injuries, which may involve a fracture, fragment, displacement, compression, tear or other damage to the spine, vertebrae and nerve cells along your spinal column. We have access to a variety of trusted and respected medical experts and health care professionals that can describe the effects and outcomes of a spinal cord injury at trial and demonstrate in court how these types of injuries will affect injured persons for the rest of their lives. We also work with medical and life planning experts who can provide evidence about the “future medical costs” of caring for someone with a spinal cord injury. Contact us to find answers to your questions

Please visit the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario website for more information about spinal cord injuries.

Brain Injury

Our lawyers regularly handle traumatic brain injuries, head concussions and other head injuries, commonly suffered in motor vehicle accidents , assaults, and types of personal injuries like slip and falls. Brain injuries can be devastating and cause permanent, irreversible damage to the injured person. Brain injuries can affect an injured person’s ability to physically and mentally function on a day-to-day basis for the rest of their lives. Brain and head injuries may result in cognitive impairments, speech impairments, memory loss and reduced or complete loss of ability to work, care for self, or enjoy life as before the incident. The severity of a brain injury will typically depend on which areas of the brain were injured and how severe the damage is at the injury site. We work with many trusted and respected medical experts and health care professionals that can assist in the litigation process, from assessment to trial. We also work with medical and life planning experts who can provide evidence about the costs of caring for someone with a brain injury now and into the future.

Please visit the Ontario Brain Injury Association website for more information about brain injuries.

Orthopaedic Injury

Motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and other types of personal injuries like slip and falls often result in a variety of orthopaedic injuries, such a sprains, tears, ligament damage, joint instability fractures and arthritis caused by injury. The degree of injury suffered by a person varies according to the severity of the accident, the individual’s pre-accident state, and a variety of other factors. We have access to a variety of trusted and respected medical experts and health care professionals that can describe the effects and outcomes of a head or brain injury at trial and demonstrate in court how these types of injuries will affect injured persons for the rest of their lives.

Psychological/emotional injury

In many cases of personal injury, one of the most traumatic parts of the accident or incident is not the physical injury, but the enduring emotional scars left by the experience of being in a car accident, assaulted, or simply the fact of being unable to continue on with your normal activities and lifestyle as a result of your injury. Many of our clients experience a variety of psychological and emotional effects, such as anxiety and depression, with significant consequences for them and their loved ones. Our lawyers understand the emotional upheaval caused by an injury and we will assist you in recovering damages and compensation for the emotional harm you have suffered as a result of your injury.

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