Effective January 1, 2018, Ferguson Barristers will merge with Deacon Taws to become FDT Law (Ferguson Deacon Taws LLP). With this merger and collaboration, we look forward to offering expanded legal services and areas of expertise while continuing to offer personalized service and advice that our clients can trust. Visit us at
Ferguson Deacon Taws LLP.

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Referring Morrisburg Lawyer

Referring Morrisburg Lawyer

Gorell, Grenkie & Remillard is affiliated with Ontario’s Personal Injury Lawyers which means Ferguson Barristers will provide specialized litigation services and personal injury law services to clients right in Morrisburg.

About Gorrell Grenkie Remillard

Gorrell Grenkie Remillard’s practice in Morrisburg, Ontario is a family of law offices serving several communities southeast of Ottawa. The lawyers and staff form a skilled and capable team eager to guide you with legal advice and representation in the areas of estates and trusts, family law, mediation, business law, criminal law, and real estate law.

Gorrell, Grenkie & Remillard
67 Main Street
Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0

Phone: 613-543-2922

Real Estate, Estates & Trusts, Estate Planning, Family Law, Mediation, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Litigation


More about Our Referring Morrisburg Lawyer:

Gorrell, Grenkie & Remillard (GGR) has been serving Eastern Ontario since the early 1950s. We have offices in Morrisburg, Chesterville, Cardinal and Ingleside. In Chesterville, the firm now operates under the name Cass, Grenkie & Remillard.

We serve a diverse client base, representing individuals, farmers, small to medium size businesses and non-profit organizations. Our main practice areas include real estate, family law, criminal law, trusts and estates, employment law, corporate/commercial law, litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Our commitment is to provide advice that is practical and perceptive, and to perform all legal work expeditiously and efficiently. In so doing, we strive to:
-understand the goals and positions of our clients;
-use our strong business and practical insights to the benefit of the client;
-appreciate the time sensitive nature of how our legal services are to be provided;
-utilize technology to reduce legal costs and to interact with our clients.

Listening to you makes us a better partner in helping you achieve your objectives. At GGR, we understand the value of commitment and strong relationships; you can rely on us to help you successfully manage and grow your organization or business, and to assist you through challenging times in your personal life. – Gorrell, Grenkie & Remillard (GGR)

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