Injured in an Accident? Protect Yourself at the Scene

A recent Ontario court decision reinforces how important it is for a person injured in an accident to attempt to gather identifying information of any possible defendants or witnesses at the scene of the accident or as soon after as possible. If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident, even if it seems minor, there are steps you should take to protect yourself.

Challenging the Validity of a Will

“Can I challenge the validity of a will?” In this economy, individuals are becoming even more reliant on the estates of their family members for financial support in retirement. It is devastating to lose a family member and this devastation can become worse if the “retirement plan” or financial support an individual was counting on from…Continue Reading

Terms of Your Employment: What Notice Are You Owed?

“Is there further recourse if I am terminated and my employment contract states that I am only entitled to receive termination notice according to the terms laid out by the Employment Standards Act?” The short answer is yes. Unless there is clear language in an employment contract limiting an individual’s termination notice entitlement to only…Continue Reading

Summertime Driving Tips

The hot and humid weather is here – summertime in Ontario is in full force! With family road trips and long drives to the cottage, it’s important to practice safe driving. Awareness and safety on the roads should be a top priority this summer season. Safe Driving Practices Here are a few tips from the…Continue Reading

Trouble At Home: How Real Estate Law Can Protect Your Purchase

Imagine this scenario. You’re buying a home. You’ve done your due diligence, had your home inspections, signed the paperwork and finally moved into your new home! After this whole process, you discover a big problem you could not have known about before living in the home. From basement cracks where the seller’s patch job was…Continue Reading