Preparing Your Will and Estate to Avoid Disputes

Everyone knows the importance of keeping careful records of your income, assets and expenses for your accountant. But what about doing the same for your family? The death of a loved one can leave a family dealing with a variety of complex estate, trust and financial matters, in addition to the difficult emotions attached to…Continue Reading

A Helmet Can Protect you from Brain Injury

No one would consider going outside during winter in Ontario without a warm jacket and gloves to protect against the cold, but a surprising number of individuals still engage in skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and playing hockey without protecting themselves against potential traumatic brain injury by wearing a helmet. Severe brain injuries resulting from ski accidents,…Continue Reading

When an Ontario Real Estate Litigator Can Help

Building a new home can be one of the most significant transactions in your lifetime. Being able to see your dream through to construction is the goal of many couples and can be an exciting and romantic time. In dreaming of how you will decorate and where you will put your furniture, you should never…Continue Reading

Slips, trips and falls resulting in personal injury claims more likely under icy conditions

During icy winter months, it is important that property owners and property occupiers keep their premises safe for users. At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the occupier/owner to keep areas such as sidewalks, laneways and driveways clear from snow, ice or any other debris. If negligence is determined, he/she may…Continue Reading

Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Free Consultations to Car Accident Victims

Following a motor vehicle accident or other incident causing personal injury, victims are often faced with more questions than answers. It can be a difficult time filled with confusion and pain and if you have been forced to miss work due to the injuries you sustained, you likely need legal advice. With many types of…Continue Reading