Am I Still Entitled to Benefits under No-Fault Insurance?

Understanding Ontario’s statutory accident benefits scheme can be very complex. However, every Ontario resident injured in a car accident is still entitled to certain benefits. A personal injury lawyer with the necessary expertise can help walk you through the Statutory Accident Benefit Applications and help make sure you get the maximum benefits and settlement possible. Your…Continue Reading

Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

The fall hunting season is upon us.  The use of recreational vehicles, such as ATVs, will increase over the next few months significantly. With more people using recreational vehicles, the probability of injuries will also increase. That is why you need to contact a personal injury lawyer if you have been involved in an accident, regardless…Continue Reading

Questions to consider when trying to find a personal injury lawyer to handle your disability claim

What qualities should I be looking for in a personal injury lawyer? Because many personal injury claims require you to share personal and sometimes very emotional details, you need to be sure you trust your lawyer’s expertise and their ability to handle your claim. Asking your lawyer to share details of their previous experience with claims like…Continue Reading

Fernandes v. Penncorp Life Insurance Company – Appeal Decision

On September 2, 2014, the Court of Appeal released its decision in Fernandes v. Penncorp Life Insurance Company. At trial, the judge awarded Mr. Fernandes past long-term disability benefits, $200,000 for punitive damages, $100,000 for aggravated damages (for mental distress) and full indemnity costs of $212,130.66. Not surprisingly, the insurer, Penncorp Life Insurance Company, appealed….Continue Reading

Sports injury compensation falls under assault and battery in Ontario

If you are like many Canadian adults, you probably enjoy playing recreational sports in your free time. As anyone who’s spent time watching and playing sports knows, tempers can flare during a game. Even though it is supposed to be for fun, every once in a while the level of competition goes a little too…Continue Reading