Effective January 1, 2018, Ferguson Barristers will merge with Deacon Taws to become FDT Law (Ferguson Deacon Taws LLP). With this merger and collaboration, we look forward to offering expanded legal services and areas of expertise while continuing to offer personalized service and advice that our clients can trust. Visit us at
Ferguson Deacon Taws LLP.

Ferguson Deacon Taws LLP

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Referring Pickering Lawyer

Referring Pickering Lawyer

Tim Vanular Lawyers Professional Corporation is affiliated with Ontario’s Personal Injury Lawyers which means Ferguson Barristers will provide specialized litigation services and personal injury law services to clients right in Pickering.

Tim Vanular Lawyers Professional Corporation
2200 Brock Rd N. C10 & 11
Pickering, Ontario LIX 2R2

Phone: 1-800-563-6348

Real Estate Law, Corporate/Commercial Law, Wills and Estates


More about Our Referring Pickering Lawyer:

When you need a lawyer come and talk to the attentive lawyers at Tim Vanular Lawyers Professional Corporation.

We offer a free consultation to introduce you to our friendly, approachable lawyers and guaranteed competitive fees.

Whether you need a Real-Estate Lawyer , to help you buy, sell or transfer property, a Corporate Lawyer to assist you with your Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Business Law or Contract Law matters, a Family Lawyer or Divorce Lawyer to handle your family matters or an Estate Lawyer to help you with writing a will, living will, and/or a Power of Attorney or probating a family member’s estate. We will take the time to listen to your questions and concerns.

Protecting your best interests, providing support, guidance and expert legal advice with our friendly, professional and personal approach is our life long commitment to you!
Tim Vanular, Paria Rad and our Team at Tim Vanular Lawyers Professional Corporation.

For us, practicing law means going beyond the legal documents, it means treating each client, every day, with the utmost care and attention.- Tim Vanular Lawyers Professional Corporation

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