Wills and Estates

When a loved one loses capacity to manage her or his affairs, or passes away, families may be left dealing with a variety of unfamiliar and complex estate matters, in addition to facing the difficult emotions that accompany this change in life.

We practice in the area of will and estate litigation. We can analyze the estate issues, manage family dynamics, negotiate a fair and agreeable solution, and resolve any lasting conflicts or disputes that may arise during the process of settling a loved one’s estate or last testament.

We have experience in interpreting and challenging a will, if necessary; answering questions regarding Powers of Attorney or personal capacity and care;  contesting estate litigation proceedings; answering questions regarding the responsibilities and obligations of an estate executor or trustee; and making claims against estates or the executors and trustees of these estates.

We can help protect your rights under Ontario’s wills, estates and succession laws, and ensure the proceedings follow current provincial legislation.

Contact our lawyers to get answers to your questions and take the necessary steps to resolving your dispute.

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